Wild East

..” Some people love the sounds of a big city but I prefer the stillness and majesty of nature. Maybe not always so hushed – when I’m going bird-watching, it can sometimes be very noisy! In Poland, I was able to find the best conditions for my hobby. The oldest forest in Europe can be found on UNESCO’s list of locations that are the World’s Natural Heritage. I found it easy to communicate with the Polish people; their hospitality measures up to ours and their food was always healthy and delicious. There is no better place for an activity holiday! “

National Park "Biebrza"
Biebrza National Park © M. Bächler

This region in Poland is sometimes called the “Wild East“. It still has not been affected to any great extent or overwhelmed by today’s great movement in tourism. It is, in fact, as yet totally unspoiled. Only a small group of the well-informed know that apart from the pristine quality of its natural surroundings, a fascinating borderland culture waits those who wish to explore this region. And where do we find this mysterious place? The Podlaskie Voivodship, the best kept secret in Poland.

Bialowieza National Park © P. Swiatkiewicz
Bialowieza National Park © P. Swiatkiewicz

The Podlaskie Voivodship lies in the north-eastern corner of our country, right next to the borders with Lithuania and Belarus. Here, the civilizing progress of our modern times is constantly losing its battle with nature which here is protected in four National Parks and three natural parks.