Superb part of Europe – naturelodge invites you !

Let you discover the part of Poland called “Wild East” and enjoy!

Discover the large swathes of intact natural areas in North-east Poland!

10 and more reasons to visit a superb part of Poland:

  1. The primeval forest of Białowieża, the bench mark of European nature.
  2. Birdwatching in Biebrza and Białowieża and a possibility of close encontres with rare species of flora and fauna.
  3. The wonderfull tranquility of the traditional farmland, the wooden houses, the flowery meadows, the families of White Storks, and the friendly people.
  4. A possibility to see Elk and Bison in some corner of a mistry mire.
  5. Little forest glades, bogs and calcerous swamps of the Biebrza and Wigry where is easy to found the many rare wildflowers, butterflies and dragonfiles.
  6. Canoing into the true wilderness of Czarna Hańcza’s endless river meanders and oxbows, where you may very well spot a Beaver, Otter, Elk or Crane by the river bank.
  7. Possibility to go deep in the marsh of the Biebrza, through the wobbly peat layer to find out what the fen mires are really about.
  8. The culture of North-east Poland: crossrowds of Catholic and Russian Orthodox cultures with the influences of Jewish culture.
  9. Excellent polish cuisine (kartacze, placki, bigos, żurek, babka ziemniaczana, pierogi) and rich history of this region.
  10. Relax, relax, relax in a natural and beatiful part of the world.

the other reason, to see a North-east Poland:  BIODIVERSITY  

 The flora and fauna of North-east Poland are probably the most complete collection of its type to be found in a single region. More species you’ll come across in this region are typical of the temperate region. Many species that have declined dramatically throughout the continent and even became extinct in many countries still have strong-holds in Podlasia province. To stick with butterflies, Scare Fritillary, Violet Copper and Large Chequered Skipper are all good examples of this. But there is more than just flora and fauna of the temperate zone in North- East Poland. This region is weel within the northern sphere of influence, and many boreal species (the northern taiga forest zone) are found in the region.

If you ever felt that the nature of the temperate zone just doesn’t have the exotic touch then North-east Poland will set you straight.

The Forests

The great quality of the forests of North-east Poland is the large amount of old-growth woodland. Old-groth is not simply a collection of old tree. Rather, it is a forest that has remaind undisturb for longer then the life span of the individual trees, creating a mosaic forest of trees of all different ages.

Another striking element is the presence of lots of dead wood. The decey of wood is a reverse succession from hard and strong wood through various stages of decay, each of wich is facilitated by a different set of fungi and invertebrates. In Białowieża, where the richest stands of old-growth forest occur, there are fungi and invertebrates that, within Europe, occur only here.

What mammals you can see at this part of Poland? 

North-east Poland is probably the best place to watch mammals in Europe. There are, of corse, the spectacular species like European Bison, Elk, Wolf and Beaver, for witch the region is deservedly famous. But the more widespread and familiar species like Fox, Polecat, Pine Marten and Badger are often relatively easy to find.

 source: Crosbill Guide “North East Poland” ISBN: 978 94 91648 00 7, 2013