Rousseau’s Manor – Bialowieża Forest

The Rousseau’s Mannor is a forester’s house situated in the wild part of Białowieża Forest, which tourists have not yet discovered. Just at the mansion gate, biking  and hiking routes start and the beautiful oak forest is awaiting . In the vicinity you can find enchanting nature reserves and the magical beaver kingdom, there is also  Siemianówka Lake, where you can spend your time walking, observing birds, or  swimming. The Narewka river is perfect for kayaking. And if you like horses, you can have the Hucul horseback experience in Masiewo village.

How did Rousseau  ended  up in Białowieża Forest? Back in the 18th century, just before the first modern European constitution – Polish Constitution of May 3, Rousseau came to Poland to study its political system. He not only wrote Considérations sur le gouvernement de Pologne, popularized his ideas of freedom and society, but also liked this country so much, that he decided to stay in Białowieża Forest  for good. For many reasons he wasn’t able to fulfill his dream.  But if he had stayed in Poland, maybe his house would have looked like the manor your see in the pictures.

The Rousseau’s Manor is situated on the land of 4200 square meters and consists of 2 big apartments on the ground floor –  both of which have separate entrance and separate gardens ; and from a big loft on the first floor. In the backyard there is  a bonfire place for all our guests, a swing and a sandpit. Just behind the house there is a “gate to the forest” – oak avenue leading to the heart of Białoweża Forest. Biking routes run nearby, in the evening we are visited by boars and deer, and the peacefulness of the house brings serenity to all our guests.

Three room apartment -“Emil” part / 95m2


perfect for 1 – 4 people (six also possible), heated only with  tile stoves. It consists of:

  • two bedrooms (one with a double bed 160×200, one with two twin beds), spacious hall
  • living room with a fireplace and sofa bed (serves as a very comfortable bed for 2 people, both adults and children) and a stereo.
  • well equipped kitchen (fridge with a freezer, gas cooker with an electric oven, pots and pans, beautiful table setting, mixer )
  • big bathroom (shower, washbasin, washing machine)

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Two room apartment – “Sophie” part /65m2


perfect for  1 – 4 people, heated only with tile stoves. It consists of:

  • 1 bedroom, 1 living room (IMPORTANT – it’s an interconnecting room) with a sofa bed (serves as a very comfortable bed for 2 people, both adults and children)
  • well equipped kitchen / dining room (fridge with a freezer, gas cooker with an electric oven, pots and pans, beautiful table setting, mixer )
  • 1 bathroom (shower, washbasin)
  • toilet, hall
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Loft /180m2

The attic of the Rousseau’s Manor has been recently transformed into a very unusual loft. It’s 180 square meters big and the living room in its highest point is 7 meters high!

It’s a perfect place for a group of friends who want to spend holidays together (the kitchen has been designed to serve well as a place for group cooking or even culinary workshops),  who share love for beautiful design and  the need for privacy  and solitude from time to time.


The apartment is perfect for 8 adults, heated with a fireplace hot air circulation and electric radiators. It consists of:

  • 4 bedrooms (two twin beds in each bedroom)
  • 4 bathrooms
  • 1 living room with an open kitchen. The kitchen is very well equipped (fridge with a freezer,  big five-burner gas cooker with an electric oven, stove for baking bread, pots and pans, beautiful table setting, mixer)
  • 2 mezzanines – one serves as a library, second is a kingdom of joy and play for children …
picturecalendarTerms of use and pricestrips


How to get to Poland and then to Świnoroje? 

  • It’s possible to travel to Warsaw by train, car, coach or by plane.

How to get from Warsaw to Świnoroje? You can choose: 

  1. Travel by train from Warszawa Centralna (central station) to Białystok (2,5 h). From Białystok, transfer with our shutttle service to Świnoroje. Check the train times here:
  2. Travel by coach with Plus Bus (, from Warsaw to Białystok (3 h 15) or Polski Bus (  From Białystok- transfer with Naturelodge to Świnoroje.
  3. Travel with our shuttle service, directly to Świnoroje.