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Trips in Bialowieża Forest:

tripsprice in €
(flat rate payment)
price in €
(per person)
Białowieża trip (UNESCO site)
One day trip. Transfer to Białowieża and Reserve Białowieża
guided tour (private, experienced guide, english, german: price for: 1-4 people).
Natural History Museum of Białowieża, audioguide tour, english, german
(1-4 people).
Possible shopping on the way back, in Hajnówka.

Nature lodge guided trip by the morning, with animal tracking for max 4 persons, 3-4 h150
Ornithologist adventure, with birdwatcher, in the morning, 3-4 h, english, max. 4 persons150
Kayaking the Narewka river (4-5 h)
minimum of two people.
Multicultural origins of the region, near the border h the Belarus ( 5-6 hours)
with Nature Lodge
max. 4 persons
Esperanto trail- 3 hour trip in Białystok, transport not included75
Ballooning (90 min)
minimum of two people
The Hucul Horseback Riding Trip (2-3 hours)



Trips in Biebrza/ Narew National Park:

trip ideasprice/ euro
Kayaking in Narew National park (1/2 day), minimum of two people45/ par person
Biebrza National Park guided tour with the biologist- transport provided by Nature lodges (regardless of the number of participants, tickets included, english)220
Esperanto trail- 3 hour trip in Białystok
75 euro
Balooning over the Narew Valley
minimum of two people
270/ per person
Horseback Riding Trip price to be negotiated