Go birwatching in Biebrza and Białowieża and enjoy close encounters with Aquatic Warblers, Great Snipe, White-winged terns and all those other sought-after species.


Specialities of North-east Poland 

  • Lesser spotted eagle-   frequent, though declining in Biebrza and Białowieża.
  • Spotted eagle-  rare but stable, especially the forested parts of Biebrza.
  • Black stork-  fairly common in swamps.
  • Hazel Grousse –  common in large old forests, easy found in early spring and autumn.
  • Spotted Crake-   common in sedge marshes.
  • Corncrake- very common in wet meadows and sedge marshes.
  • Crane-   emblematic and commun, especially in Biebrza.
  • Great Snipe- Sought-after though difficult to find in Biebrza sedge marshes.
  • Ruff-   spectacular spring migration and courtship in Biebrza.
  • White-  winged Tern- the most commun.
  • Pygmy Owl-  fairly common in large mixed forest (Białowieża)
  • White-backed Woodpecker – typical of old growth deciduous forest
  • Three-toed Woodpecker- the hardest to find of the woodpeckers – old mixed parts of Białowieża forest
  • Citrine wagtail- localised but increasing bird of Siemianówka and Biebrza
  • Common Rosefinch- common
  • Aquatic Warbler- Sedge marsh specialist, very local but common.
  • Greenish Warbler- Parkland bird of the east in fluctuating number near villages. Usually rare.
  • Red-breasted Flycatcher – specialist of old deciduous forest.
  • Collared Flycatcher- specialist of old deciduous forest.

source: Crosbill Guide “North East Poland” ISBN: 978 94 91648 00 7, 2013